School Photos

1928 BGS School Photo

Old Bordenian Peter Highton has kindly provided a copy of the long 1928 school photo.  This is reproduced in 3 sections. 

 thumb 1928 photo left thumb 1928 photo centre thumb 1928 photo right


The thumbnail pictures above can be expanded by going to the OBA Website's flickr pages at

1954 BGS School Photo

Another school photo provided by Richard Evans. This one is dated September 1954. As usual, I've added this in 4 parts. Click each part to expand to full size.

1960 BGS School Photo

Old Bordenian Richard Evans has provided a good deal of material related to the school from the mid-fifties to early sixties. I shall be adding this material to the website over the coming weeks.  As a starter, here is the 1960 school photo.  I will keep the photo as 4 separate images.

1973 BGS School Photo

Old Bordenian Mark Catchlove has provided a copy of the 1973 school photo.  This is reproduced below.

 BGS School Photo 1973 Large