Down Memory Lane

Dennis Fowle asks "Were exams tougher or easier 70 years ago ?"

We are always pleased to reconnect with Old Bordenians from whom we have not heard from in a while.  Dennis Fowle was at the School 1945-51 and as we reconnected, offered this thoughtful look at the standards back in the day:

"Is the General Certificate of Education (GCSE) easier or more difficult for students than the General School Examination (GSE) it replaced in 1988 in many schools?

I certainly am not brave enough to offer an opinion – but I can offer a few of the questions I had to tackle in the summer of 1950 at Borden Grammar School.

Poetry Corner

Thank you to Philip Drury (At School 1966 -73) for sending in his reworking of Adlestrop by Edward Thomas which reflects his memories of travelling to/from Sheppey on the train.

Article on School evacuation

We often reflect on the adversity facing us in the current times and note the upheaval for the School and its students during the pandemic.  It is therefore timely to be reminded of a perhaps more disruptive upheaval when the School was evacuated during the Second World War. 

Nitere Porro - what does it mean?

Mark Sayer offers us this reflective view on the School motto and his schooldays. 
I am pretty sure that I knocked over a bottle of Nitere Porro in the Chemistry Lab, one lesson. Never mind what year I was in; which decade was it ? Fortunately, someone mopped it up and saved it … and they’re using it again.

Closing episode of Ron Swan memories

In September we published articles detailing the early life and school memories of Ron Swan, who attended the School 1936-1941. Ron's family have now provided a further and final instalment bringing us up to date with Ron, likely our oldest living Old Bordenian. 



Further memories of Ron Swan

We recently published some pre-war memories of Ron Swan (1936-41) and we now publish the next phase of his time at the School, which includes evacuation to Pengam in South Wales. We are grateful, once more, for Ron for sharing these.