Borden Grammar School News

BGS Appeal for autumn Careers Fair

We have received a letter from the School, appealing for your  help.   The School is holding a Careers and Universities Fair in September and is asking Old Bordenians to contribute insights – and inspiration – into their own careers, industries and organisations, for current Borden students.   Please respond if you can. And if you can’t be there in person, could you provide a pre-recorded message to be played, or connections with industry sources to embellish the Careers Fair ?

OBA recognition of School staff

The objectives of our Association include assiting the School.  We have worked to contribute to support Pupils' wellbeing and amenity and the fabric of the School.  The Staff who work in the School are equally part of that equation.  After two calendar years of working under the shadow of the pandemic, the Association thought we should offer a small, but fun thank you to the Staff. 

New Wellbeing Garden

One of our Association objectives is to support the School in financial and practical ways.  We already fund the School Minibus and we have engaged the Head to suggest other projects we could assist with. One such project has now been identified.